Objaśnienie turbosprężarki

Objaśnienie turbosprężarki

Melett turbo cut away

Czym są turbosprężarki?

A turbo is a turbine-driven forced induction device that increases an internal combustion engine’s efficiency  by forcing extra air into the combustion chamber.

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Melett turbochargers - precision engineered

Jakie są rodzaje turbosprężarek

There are a number of different styles of turbocharger used within the automotive industry: Single-Turbo, Twin-Turbo, Twin-Scroll Turbo etc.

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Difference Between OE and Aftermarket

Różnica między oryginalnymi, a regenerowanymi turbosprężarkami

The OEM is the original producer of a vehicle’s components, so OEM car parts are identical to the parts originally used in producing a vehicle.

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Melett CHRA assemblies

Remanufactured & Repaired Turbos

Many people get confused as to the differences between a remanufactured and a repaired turbo, and can often think that they are the same thing.

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Turbocharger structure with cuted section


What are the effects of not balancing a CHRA? What is Compressor Wheel fatigue? What is the difference between a minor and a major repair kits?

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Melett turbocharger production

Słownik terminów

Keywords and phrases associated with the Turbocharger Industry. What is a pressure ratio? What do we mean by compressor wheel trim?

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List of Driving Tips

Driving Tips and Techniques

Here are some basic techniques to help you drive better (from Motor Authority.com). What you really need to know about driving to limit the impact on your turbocharger.

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